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A Woman After God's Own Heart

Look to God for the Truth!

"Worth Far More than Rubies"
19 January 1985
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Hi. My name is Lee and I'm a 25 year old born again Christian.

I am planning on being a homemaker and a "housewife" as it is commonly called, by people critical of the way of life i want to live. I love to cook and clean, and i am a quite quiet and gentle soul. I enjoy reading the Word, and devour any Christian book i can get my hands on.

I only want to be happy with God and His Son, my future hubby (are you reading this? :P) and my future children. I love these movies: Disney's Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White &the Seven Dwarfs; LOTR; Phantom of the Opera (ALW/Joel Schumacher); Moulin Rouge; Gone With the Wind; Star Wars; and The Wizard of Oz. My fave music includes Barlow Girl, Avalon, Rebecca St. James, Point of Grace, Jars of Clay, Newsboys, SonicFlood, and worship music in general. And Proverbs 31:10-31 is the best part of the Bible!!!!! (Oh yes: favorite books are A Woman After God's Own Heart and Beautiful in God's Eyes, both by Elizabeth George, and LOTR, Tolkien of course.)(Recently i got into Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot, a great book for ANY Christian who espouses feminism. :P)



Jesus Bless,


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