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A Woman After God's Own Heart

I will wait.

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"Worth Far More than Rubies"

I will wait.

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Going to Bible study for college and career tonight.

I cried last night at church. There's a God-shaped hole in my heart.

There's also a guy who likes me who on the one hand i want to go out with, because of my loneliness. but........

there's something saying NO. DON'T GO OUT WITH HIM.

I really am lonely.

but i can't say yes to this guy. if i say yes--i'll have given in to sin. If i say no--i'll be lonely.

Or will i...

i have more friends than ever. And Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ, i have You. If i say yes to this guy i will be throwing EVERYTHING AWAY that is good.

please be my moral support.

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