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October 9th, 2010

(no subject)

I am back in PA now. I am still with my mum and dad. My dad is saved now so that's a good thing!! I found a great church--Berean Bible Church--they have a young adult (22 to 35) ministry called Koinonia. Love it!!! I met a guy there that i dated for 3 months, but because the relationship wasn't growing in the Lord (we did not get sexually involved, but i was investing too much while he wasn't investing at all),so i dropped him. I mean, he went and bought a 350 dollar XBox with Halo Reach...but he wouldn't buy me a 99 cent soda at Wawa.

Right now, i have a tiny bit of a crush on another guy from Bible study--he's such a gentleman, so respectful, he puts others ahead of himself and he puts Jesus before all of em. He's such an awesome dude...last night we had Bible study (Koinonia) and i was talking to my sisters in Christ, and suddenly they all had to go to the bathroom, or talk to the study leader. And then this guy comes and sits next to me, asking if i'm still going out with Gary, and i say "nope, i ended the relationship--i was investing too much emotionally and not being able to grow with him, he was selfish." The sweet guy i was chatting with agreed.

This guy--the one i have a crush on--he's awesome. Smart, successful, respectful, kind, intelligent, gorgeous...*sighs*


June 12th, 2008




As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

oh, it is SO true!!!! :)

I love being a Godly, feminine, sweet, meek lady!


May 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Yay! I started a tender, respectful dialogue with my mother and father regarding CBC, about attending there again. I dunno...they didn't SAY anything (i gave them a letter, saying that i understand they are in disagreement with my beliefs, and that i understand that they don't like it, but i don't need them to change--well, that's what i said, though they should find Him--i just wish they would understand me, that they would let me be myself, that they would allow me to go to CBC, and that CBC is not a pedophilic, polygamist, wifebeating, crazy, UFO worshipping, and/or apocalyptic cult....although the end times ARE near, i'm not about to force that on them.)

My mother was reeeeeally nice to me this morning. She really was. I dunno if they'll let me go or not....i hope so. I know it gets in the way of the antique shop, or so it seems, but i can leave at 8:45 for 9:15 Bible study (takes 15 min. to get there) and stay for service, which is at 10 30 am. And lasts till noon, then i'll stay w/one of my friends for the afternoon.

I don't know. Or i could go to evening (6 pm) service. I just know that CBC is my home church, and the Lord wants me there. He led me there.

Fleeing to Christ,


May 15th, 2008


teh yay.

I may, either next semester or the one after it, stay with my friend & her family in Chester VA. (for school) She has turned back to Him--HURRAY!!! Anyway...her dad can be a bit grating, and a little more literal regarding the Word even than me, but that's ok--i will be able to go to the "right church" and be able to express my faith as i please.

I will be happy at last.


EDIT: I wish my mother, evil as she is, would go to Hades. I know. I'm being mean. But hey it's where she CAME from. Why do i say this? I'm looking up baptist churches in Chester VA and she sees what i'm looking up, says, as nasty as my aunt could ever have been: "Enon Baptist Church *vindictive emphasis on the word 'Baptist'* ? You don't even LIVE in Virginia!?!?!??!>!>?!"

I'm so )^%$$%#%^&#@ sick and so @#%#$^%$&%$&#@$ TIRED of being TREATED THIS WAY.

Get thee back to Hades, thy servant of the enemy....it's where you belong.

April 28th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm struggling right now...trying to avoid Ancient Egypt/scifi/fantasy. Anyone have any ideas as to how exactly to fight this? I have tried praying...maybe i'm just not trying hard enough. It's easy to backslide. Especially when your parents are non approving of it all.

I haven't talked to my best friends Kristin or Sharon in more than a doggone MONTH...arrrggghghgh. Don't know WHY... I need to.




April 3rd, 2008


I am disposing of all science fiction and fantasy films and movies i own. Well...the disney princess ones i suppose, can remain, they have morally redeeming qualities. At least the OLD ones do. Like Snow White, as she prays for her stepmother who obviously serves the enemy. And Cinderella who shows that stepmother of hers love to the last. Oh yes...and Prince Phillip's shield in Sleeping Beauty has a cross on it. Hm.

Walt Disney was, to all my knowledge, a devout Christian and a dedicated family man. He'd make Dr. Dobson jump for joy! Alas....things change.

I must go.....i am busy.


March 31st, 2008

Other things.

Well. It's a nice day. Going up to 72 degrees tomorrow. Very, very pleasant. I wasn't allowed to go to church yesterday. Things are actually not too good. But i will be allright.

Anyway. I just would like to be able to go to a nice church on a regular basis. Eh?

Every sunday. And several times during the week. So if things will be ok one day....i'll have that ability!


March 10th, 2008

I will wait.

Going to Bible study for college and career tonight.

I cried last night at church. There's a God-shaped hole in my heart.

There's also a guy who likes me who on the one hand i want to go out with, because of my loneliness. but........

there's something saying NO. DON'T GO OUT WITH HIM.

I really am lonely.

but i can't say yes to this guy. if i say yes--i'll have given in to sin. If i say no--i'll be lonely.

Or will i...

i have more friends than ever. And Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ, i have You. If i say yes to this guy i will be throwing EVERYTHING AWAY that is good.

please be my moral support.


for acresofhope


Thought you might like this...

found it on YouTube. I'm not the craziest for Charmed---i mean i LOVE it but like Doctor Who, Torchwood and others, i avoid it...it tempts me, too much.

But for you...i'm not condemmning you. You must see to yourself that Christ loves you. And He is the way, and the truth and the life


March 5th, 2008

he WILL find me one day..



Because i wait in God's slumber,
resting in His arms,
knowing His promise is true.
Knowing His promise,
though it is not known to me,
will be kept.

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